We view are clients as our partners, and we view ourselves as business advisors and not “just” attorneys. Our experience in business outside of the practice of law makes us keenly aware of the real world issues facing our clients and that the business needs and objectives for every situation must be balanced with the legal needs and realities of the situation. We view the business of our clients as our business, and we work with them to understand their business and add value by helping them to achieve their goals and objectives.

Our value proposition is to bring to our clients extraordinary legal skills and sound business judgment, having graduated from the top graduate tax programs in the country, and our work experience from positions outside of the field of law. We actively participate in the achievement of the success of our clients.

We are creative and cutting-edge in our approach to transactions and business planning, as well to the practice of law. Very little of our work is done on the traditional hourly basis. We tend to not bill for the process or for the time. Rather, we bill for the value we bring to our clients. As such, we bill most of our transactions and “deals” on a flat-fee basis, and our general counsel services are billed on a monthly flat-fee basis. We are also creative and flexible in working with our start-up and emerging companies.

We are very practical and pragmatic when it comes to the needs of our clients. At times our services should be “good enough”, and at other times that is clearly not sufficient. “Good enough” representation is never sloppy or inadequate. It is always competent, efficient work though also specifically tailored for the client’s specific business needs. In other words, we will never “over-lawyer” a deal, and never over-negotiate any deal long after the client’s needs and expectations have been satisfied. However, there are certain situations when good enough just simply isn’t, and we will be very sure to highlight those situations prior to pursuing that course of conduct.

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